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Kung Fu Panda (2008/ENG/Full)

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    Konu: Kung Fu Panda (2008/ENG/Full)

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      Seventy7 - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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      Sep 2008
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      Standart Kung Fu Panda (2008/ENG/Full)

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      Kung Fu Panda (2008/ENG/Full) | Size : 7.21 Gb

      Game Simply Stunned!

      Amusing arcade on the cartoon film with the same name a leading role in which plays the panda by name On. The fat man On - to the beginning cook, the glutton and the aficionado of a kung fu - can execute an ancient prophecy: it should become the soldier-dragon and rescue the Peace valley from a vindictive snow leopard Thaw Lunja and its henchmen. Under a sensitive management of skilled teacher Shifu he should train in the company with recognised masters of fighting arts: the Crane, the Tigress, Bogomolom, the Viper and the Monkey. To the player the unique chance to operate each of heroes will drop out and to estimate their absolutely different styles of conducting fight.

      Each of heroes owns unique style of a kung fu. So, for example, the Master On uses Earthquake of the Panda, Blow of the Iron Stomach and other powerful receptions in fights. Master Shifu is distinguished by speed, endurance and experience — before fights always it is necessary to listen to its helps and parting words. In attacks of the Tigress speed and force is combined. The monkey uses in fights not only paws, but also a tail and differs in the lightning speed. The viper is able to disappear and imperceptibly to creep to enemies. The crane perfectly battles both in air, and on the earth. Богомол, despite the small sizes, can strike dangerous dot blows and put enemies out of action by means of a series of fast attacks.

      Action will be developed on the earth, in water and in air. You should reach enlightenments and to become the present soldier, having earned a name the Soldier-dragon. Main aim is a rescue of the Valley of the World and all its inhabitants from ruthless Thaw Lunga. In game will be more dozens of the stages precisely transferred from a cartoon film, and also the additional stages created specially for game by experts DreamWorks Animation and Activision. For example, you will open for yourselves Lake of Lotuses and will meet with spiteful, but charming cats-ninjias — Sisters to Vu.

      In Kung Fu Panda Developers have prepared for fans of fighting arts not only numerous battles, but also difficult puzzles for which decision it is necessary to think over seriously. In the course of game you will gradually master a kung fu and to open in yourselves all new and new forces. Passing stages and finding special awards, you can improve those or other characteristics of heroes and be trained in new receptions. Besides a single mode, there is also a collective mode of game — you can unite efforts against the general enemies or be measured by forces. Developers promise that Kung Fu Panda it is necessary to taste and children and adults, after all this game will be filled by action and explosive humour. And what it is necessary to have a good time?

      Year of release: 2008
      Genre: Arcade / 3D / 3rd Person
      Developer: Beenox Studios
      Publishing house: Activision
      Platform: PC
      Edition Type: License
      Interface Language: Only English
      Tabletka: Is present

      Features of game:
      * Adventures in the world "the Kung fu of the Panda": completely interactive animation history how the panda
      * On becomes the legendary soldier.
      * it is possible to play for all charming heroes of the future hit of studio DreamWorks Animation - to try various styles of a kung fu and to use special receptions and skills of each of seven masters.
      * More than "game in a cartoon film": the high points of an animated cartoon - both absolutely new places and heroes which it is possible to meet, passing thirteen game levels.
      * Among the promised surprises – acquaintance to charming cats-ninjias Sisters Vu, picturesque both mysterious Lake of Lotuses and many other locations and characters.
      * Present fun for children and adults!
      * well-aimed sharpnesses and a lambent humour in the dialogues translated into Russian and sounded by known actors, and also improbably ridiculous game situations which will give pleasure to all members of a family, irrespective of age and tastes.
      * It is played by all family and in the company of the best friends: the multiuser mode will allow to collect a command and to put up an united front against the enemy, or to contend in dexterity and skill in competition with each other on special fighting arenas.

      Minimum Sustem Requirements:
      * Operating system: Windows XP / Vista
      * Processor: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
      * Memory: 512 МB
      * Video: 128 MB NVIDIA GeForce 5600 / ATI Radeon 9600
      * Sound: DirectX compatible with 9.0С
      * HDD: 5.7 GB
      * DirectX 9.0С

      Instruction on installation:
      1) Unpack an image
      2) Mount an image by means of Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%
      3) Establish game
      4) Copy files from folder Crack on the mounted disk in a folder of the established game (to replace)
      5) It is played!

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      OnursaL Üye

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      Aug 2008
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      Mar 2011
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      Bu oyunun linki olan yok mu elinde :S bu bozuk

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      MusTy4423 - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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      Jul 2012
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      oγυи ɔɘнɘииɘмγ
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