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GTA Vice City with StarMan Mod & Cheats

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    Konu: GTA Vice City with StarMan Mod & Cheats

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      Üstat Oyuncu

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      Jul 2007
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      Standart GTA Vice City with StarMan Mod & Cheats

      İndirmek için Tıklayın

      GTA Vice City with StarMan Mod & Cheats

      This Mod is very cool (The best) as it gives the game a very new look as a new Version of GTA...

      General Game Play Cheats:
      Cheat = Effect
      THUGSTOOLS = All ''light'' weapons
      PROFESSIONALTOOLS = All ''medium'' weapons
      NUTTERTOOLS = All ''heavy'' weapons
      ASPIRINE = Full Health
      ICANTTAKEITANYMORE = Commit Suicide
      YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE = Raise Wanted Level
      LEAVEMEALONE = Decrease Wanted Level
      FANNYMAGNET = Ladies Man, Women Follow You
      CERTAINDEATH = Makes you smoke a cigarette
      DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS = Makes Tommy fatter
      PROGRAMMER = Gives Tommy girly arms/legs
      STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP = Change Skin/Clothes
      CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED = Play as Ricardo Diaz
      LOOKLIKELANCE = Play as Lance Vance
      MYSONISALAWYER = Play as Ken Rosenberg
      ILOOKLIKEHILARY = Play as Hilary King
      ROCKANDROLLMAN = Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent)
      WELOVEOURDICK = Play as Love Fist character (~censored~)
      ONEARMEDBANDIT = Play as Phil Cassidy
      IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY = Play as Sonny Forelli
      FOXYLITTLETHING = Play as Mercedes
      PANZER = Spawn a Rhino
      TRAVELINSTYLE = Spawn a Bloodring Banger
      GETTHEREQUICKLY = Spawn a Bloodring Banger #2
      GETTHEREFAST = Spawn a Sabre Turbo
      GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED = Spawn a Hotring Racer
      GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST = Spawn a Hotring Racer #2
      THELASTRIDE = Spawn a Romero's Hearse
      ROCKANDROLLCAR = Spawn Love Fist's Limo
      RUBBISHCAR = Spawn a Trashmaster
      BETTERTHANWALKING = Spawn a Caddie
      BIGBANG = Blow up ~Censored~ cars
      MIAMITRAFFIC = Aggressive Drivers
      AHAIRDRESSERSCAR = All cars are pink
      IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK = All cars are black
      COMEFLYWITHME = Cars can fly
      GRIPISEVERYTHING = Perfect Handling
      GREENLIGHT = All traffic lights are green
      SEAWAYS = Cars can drive/hover over water
      WHEELSAREALLINEED = Only the wheels of a car are visible
      LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS = Sportscars have big wheels
      ALOVELYDAY = Sunny/Clear Weather
      APLEASANTDAY = Light Clouds
      ABITDRIEG = Dense Clouds
      CANTSEEATHING = Foggy Weather
      CATSANDDOGS = Stormy Weather
      LIFEISPASSINGMEBY = Speed up game clock
      ONSPEED = Makes everything faster
      BOOOOOORING = Makes everything slower
      NOBODYLIKESME = Peds Hate You
      CHICKSWITHGUNS = Girls Carry Guns
      CHASESTAT = Shows Media Level (when 2+ stars)
      AIRSHIP = Fast boats can fly for short periods of time


      Excellent combination of 2 of the most acclaimed games in his I generate, enjoys all the combined freedom of GTA the adrenalin and speed of NFS Underground 2 You do not let it pass, super recommended!

      As it says Name to it GTA Underground 2, both games fused, incredible and difficult to believe, it is not necessary to think it twice to see that madnesses have done with these two games.

      S.O: 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA
      WINDOWS: PENTIUM III 800MHZ Rec: P4/Athlon 64Memoria: 128 MB 512MbDisco Rec last: 915 Graphical MBTarjeta: 32 MB Rec: 128 MB

      The game includes…

      - STARMAN MOD (Interface multimod + vehicles + screens + arms + textures + etc)

      1) But of 600 New Textures (Posters, Showcases, Pictures, Turf, Sand, etc.)

      2) Textures of Skin, eyes, Clothes, Clocks of some personages. • 60 Skins to change aspect to Tommy Vercetti.

      3) Races in time real just as in Underground.

      - MAP MODS (Liberty Island with the Statue of the Freedom.)

      1) Starman Mod.
      2) Fast & Furious Mod.
      3) Xtreme Speed Mod.
      4) All Vehicles And Data
      5) Stunts Mod (Ramps and loops)
      6) Maps Mod (Statue of Liberty, etc)

      - STUNTS MOD (but of 170 Inclines for crazy jumps and some loopings)

      - XTREME SPEED MOD (High Speed in many cars and extreme speed in 2)

      - TEXTURES MOD (New Radar + 60 Skins + Clothes + City Totally Re-Texturized)

      But things that east Game includes:

      - All the vehicles of the game have been replaced by the other best ones and but detailed.
      - All the Motos, cars, trucks, helicopters, and some airplanes and boats have been replaced.
      - Real Vehicles, with its real Names.
      - Great Variety of cars: of Luxury, Sport, of Races, Tuneados and other but normalitos.
      - New Wheels for all the vehicles.
      - Better conduction and but speed for all the vehicles.
      - Some new Buildings (or already existing in the game, but located in different sites.)
      - Island of the Statue of the Freedom, (created by IT HATES for turned GTA3 and to the Vice City by Starman.)
      - Many Skins new (about 60) to change the aspect of the protagonist of the game.
      - New map of Radar GPS much more detailed.
      - Many new Textures. (but of 600 new textures):
      - New textures of highways, sidewalks, sand, turf, etc
      - Many posters of films distributed by all the city.
      - Many showcases of new stores.
      - New Clothes and faces in some personages of the game.

      GTA Vice City XTREME SPEED

      This Way contributes extreme speed for the cars of the Bloodring:

      - Bloodring A (Nissan skyline Calsonic GT-R34) (3000 km/h 400km/s)
      - Bloodring B (Toyota Supra MK-IV). (4000km/h 500km/s)
      and discharge speed for the sport ones of luxury:
      - Banshee (Nissan Skyline GT-R34 2Fast 2Furious Tuning)
      - Infernus (Toyota Supra Turbo Fast&Furious Tuning)
      - Turbo SABRE (Honda S-2000 2Fast2Furious Tuning)
      - Sentinel (Lamborghini Bat Shark Tuning)
      - Hotring (Lamborghini Devil)
      - Phoenix (Ferrari Enzo)
      - Comet (Porsche Carrera GT)
      - FBI Washinton (Mercedes CLS500 Green Fairy Tuning)
      - Hotring A (Saleen S7)
      - Hotring B (Ford GT-40)

      Like making appear the 2 cars With extreme speed

      TRAVELINSTYLE - This trick makes appear Bloodring A (Nissan Calsonic in my mod)
      GETTHEREQUICKLY - This cheat makes appear Bloodring B (Toyota Supra MK-IV)

      You do not know what is the Bloodring?

      The Bloodring is of the nocturnal spectacles of vice City that are celebrated all the nights from the 8 at night in the Stage Hyman de Downtown (where the skyscrapers estan), the Bloodring consists of a race of cars a little special, a species of Destruction Derby, single that the objective no it is to destroy the cars of the rivals but arriving at I circulate before pink that the others. Whenever you obtain it you obtain an extra time of permanence in the race, if you spend a time without obtaining the objective is exhausted to you time and you are expelled from the race, so the winner is the one that obtains to remain the maximum possible time in the race always arriving first to all the control posts (or to most of them.)
      Other spectacles that are celebrated in the Stage Hyman by the nights from the 8 they are the HOTRING and the DIRTRING. The Hotring is racing cars Nascar style, And the Dirtring is a circuit of motos with many acrobatics that you must complete.
      Although the races of the Stage Hyman are independent of the history of the game You will not be able to be conceited to have completed the game if you have not completed these “missions”.
      Enjoy it.


      No password
      No installation needed
      Just Unrar and play.....
      If you like it...drop a thanks

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      Kalfa Oyuncu
      ¢яαzу ¢ħiℓđ™ - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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      Feb 2009
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      Tecrübe Puanı
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      payLasım için teşeKKüRLeR emeğine sağLık...

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      Üstat Oyuncu
      ΙИȻЄṖŢΙǾИ - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
      Üyelik tarihi
      Mar 2009
      Bulunduğu yer
      VİP ÜYELİK Sitemizin özel üyesi olup
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      Link(ler) Kırık , Çöpte...


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